Shri Kanjibhai A. Patel 


is a well known and eminent personality of the north Gujarat Leuva Patel community. Through his visionary leadership and hard work, he has established the company along with sister companies Rakesh Construction Company and Radhe Group. In the past he has served as the leader of the Leuva Patel community and during his time he advocated for better women rights. He is passionately involved, even today, in various charitable and social activities for the well being of the community.

Rajendra Patel


is the elder son of Shri Kanjibhai Patel and has been an integral part of the Rakesh Construction Company since he was in high school. He started working under Lt. Shri Purshottambhai Patel (a great civil engineer and the first in Amtharam Patel family), another founder of Rakesh Construction Company. His goal from the start has been to take the company to a higher level, each year. And through his excellent business acumen, hard work and sincerity he has transformed the company into a well established brand, just like Rakesh Construction Company. He has also contributed in the development of Radhe Group .

Kantibhai Patel


has over 20 years of experience at Rakesh construction company where he started his journey as a site engineer, in 1990. Ever since he has gathered an expertise in the field in all the different categories such as ROB (Railway over bridges), RUB (Road under bridge), flyovers, launching steel and PSC (Pre-Stressed concrete) box girder, composite and PSC structure on running railway tracks, hydraulic structures with well and pile foundation, etc. He manages the site staff, supervises project site work along with handling technical aspects of the project, and purchasing and handling materials.

Mahendrakumar Patel


Younger son of Shri Kanjibhai Patel is actively involved in residential as well as commercial project development of Radhe Group . His strong hold on building construction helps Radhe group to drive through continuous growth. He has developed various building schemes in and around Mehsana suburb area.

Gauravbhai Patel

Technical Director

Has 6 years of experience working as the technical director. He obtained his Masters in Civil engineering from Ganpat University and has been interested in structure and design from the start. He supervises on going project site work and manages certain technical aspects of projects making sure construction standards are met.

Rajendrakumar Kamrajbhai Patel

Account director

Has acquired 30 years of experience working as a senior accountant in the construction field, starting at Rakesh Construction Company in 1988. He manages accounting operation of the company, preparing bill of quantities and cash flow. He has also broadened his services in material handling.

Maulin Patel


is a young and enthusiastic addition to the company, who is looking forward to bring about a fresh change in the system. He obtained his Masters in construction management from the University of Technology Sydney where he gained knowledge of detailing horizontal alignments and vertical profile drawings for projects above or below ground. He is involved in mostly site work and project management activities