High Level Bridge on River Gabana and 4 Lane Road

Project Client : R & B division, Rajpipla
Project Location : Narmada district, Gujarat
Project Cost : Rs. 40.12 crore
Project Duration : 07/2018 to 11/2018
Project Status : Completed

Project Description

Construction of four Lane Road of Tilakwada Devalia Road Km 50/000 to 68/427 and Garudeshwar chokdi to kevadia colony road Km 8/000 to 14/400 dist. Narmada (on EPC system) - (COS) construction of High level bridges without approaches across River Gabana 1 & 2.

Gabana Khadi Bridge is important road leading to the ‘Statue of Unity’, with composite steel girder for River Bridge, first of its kind in Gujarat. The work is completed in a very short period of six months only.